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Carrie Gamble

Carrie Gamble

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I invite you to come into my grandmother's kitchen and rest your weary mind for awhile. She'll greet you with a smile. You'll feel her love with her warm embrace. She'll put the kettle on for a pot of tea. As she sets out the delicate teacups, dessert plates and silverware, don't be surprised to hear her joyfully whistling like a songbird! She'll serve a piece of Cherry Custard Pie or Coconut Vanities and always offer a second helping! She'll tell her stories of “living life the old fashioned way” and you'll want to hear more. You'll feel refreshed and renewed from this respite.

Enter into the world of author Elizabeth Rose von Hohen with her Grandmother's Cookbook. You will be so glad you did! It is a country homestyle cookbook with dozens of easy recipes to make for your family and friends using basic ingredients. Even the inexperienced cook can turn out a soup, main dish or dessert like a pro! After creating a few simple recipes from Grandmother's Cookbook my cousin's husband declared her a gourmet cook! If she can do it, so can you! If you are one who feels intimidated at the prospect of cooking or baking you'll now find yourself saying, “I CAN cook!” You won't believe just how easy it is to prepare impressive foods. If you are an experienced cook looking for new and healthy recipes to add to your repertoire you will love our comfort food cookbook

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